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If your target audience is young,why do you invest in marketing strategies that are old?
Get the power of latest technology for your campus outreach and cross borders like never before

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Your Call

Put yourself back in the time and remind yourself of the call when you were asked to leave your home for the first time in life that too at a young teenage. As a campus you ask someone to put years of his precious age into your bag. Therefore it is very important for you to build trust and communicate your key features in a manner that it not only removes fear from concerned parents and their kids but they are left with such a jaw dropping experience that they recommend others about you in their circle. This is what we do for you.

For Schools

All level of Schooling facilities from pre to intermediate having a global mindset.

For Colleges

Colleges that excel in providing high quality of educational input in students

For Institutes

All types of coachings and institutes that work on enriching skill-sets of their students

Challenges Meet Solutions

Trust Issues

Your audience is the most precious thing in your Investors life.The love of a parent for their kids sometimes keep them caged for security.
Convincing them to send their kid out of their sights for first time in life is a big job.

Un-parallel Trust building

Why don’t we just give them a seat in your class and a day in your campus at no expense and at their home at their choice of time?
We give them a real life first hand account of what better life they are about to sacrifice their present one for.
Definitely a of way letting them build their own trust and taking the leap of faith confidently,un-like the 2-D advertisement campaigns.

Campus outreach

Every year campuses invest huge amount of money in outreach and marketing strategy that are ages old and engages almost no one.
Its really important for a campus to let others know about its glorious records and activities it has done to support it’s students growth.
But to do it with old age strategies it’s incomplete and not engaging in the end.

Campuses come Home

Put the most Eye-catching outreach activity in the audiance this year.
Maybe it’s impossible for all of them to visit your campus, but with Youth Buzz Virtual Reality we make it possible to send your campus to their home.
An experience that not only does brand activation and 50+ minutes of audiance engagement but also brings refferals like never before.

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