I hear and I forget. 
I see and I remember. 
I do and I understand.
 – Confucius

Till Now we humans have known most to passive learning methods and very few Active learning practices.

Passive simply means Listening,Reading,watching & Discussing.
While active methods require user participation in the process being taught.

Here,teaching and learning is not just a classroom activity,it can be a any dialogue between a source and destination of a particular knowledge.

It can be a product a company trying to sell to its target audience or an artist trying to convey his/her art to the audience 

It is for the first time in human evolution that the content is not just in front of the user on a screen,paper or any other medium but the user is inside the content through immersive active learning methods.

Our immersive tech Active learning methods in researches have shown to convey up-to 75% of knowledge to the user while other practices only convey up-to 30%

Take the leap of the mankind and achieve communicate better.


With our advance tech solutions tailored for your growth

Virtual Reality

Ex-situ teaching method of taking user to a different environment where the prime subject of interaction (A product or topic) is elevated in its own environment and the user’s mind is made to remember its remarkable experience for ever lasting impact.

We offer VR Experience from cellphones to high tech 6DOF VR interactive systems in high definition like never before 12K.

From exploring a bunglow that has not been yet built to a fresher taking an induction in multiple languages,we can make it all possible for your service.

Check out our Award winning Projects at delivered at global level to even subzero tempratures


Augmented Reality

In-situ teaching method of bringing product/subject into user’s local environment and the prime subject of interaction (a product or topic) is elevated in its user’s environment and the user’s mind is made to understand it’s value addition for his/her life.
We offer AR Experience from cellphones to high tech wearable like Hololens  interactive systems in high definition realistic or animated 3D modeling of target product.
From a user exploring your line of household products to fans reading your interactive novel,it’s possible to place your brand in your target’s environment without spending resources on demo sessions.  
Check out our AR Projects delivered at global level to even High level studies like Fossils of dinosaurs.

Basic Tech Support

Your Entire Immersive campaign for users may require at some point basic tech support for smooth execution.

Web and App development we also provide custom hardware development like simulators for further immersion and user engagement.

The entire campaign is designed and executed by our team and you just have to relax watching your numbers grow.

On-site & off-site support globally and it’s always free as consultation.

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